English summary
Van Ekelenburg MC² is a company which specializes in coaching, counseling, training and teambuilding. The company was founded by Marjo van Ekelenburg in 2002. An important part of their business is the development of work potential. This is done by means of personal coaching and training.

Personal coaching is mostly done for high potentials to guide them in their career or by making them realise their own strengths and weaknesses. A subject covered in coaching could be competence development.

A tool used often in her coaching is the 360º feedback. 360° Feedback examines the way a person thinks about himself and compares this with how his boss, his colleagues and his clients see him. This offers a clear insight in strenghts and weaknesses and enables a person to make choices for his/her career development.

There are 5 main subjects in which Marjo van Ekelenburg provides training :
Interview Techniques for Recruitment  
Performance Management  
Colleague Feedback  
Mentor / Coachtraining  

If you wish to contact Van Ekelenburg MC² you can do so at the address below or fill out the contactform and we will contact you.

Van Ekelenburg MC²
Dr. Schaepmanlaan 103
4702 GW Roosendaal

t +31(0)165 549414
f +31(0)165 543750
e marjo@vanekelenburgmc2.nl
Van Ekelenburg MC²  I  Dr. Schaepmanlaan 103  I  4702 GW Roosendaal  I  T: +31(0)165 549414  I   F: +31(0)165 543750  I   E: marjo@vanekelenburgmc2.nl